The Living Well Smoothie

Hello and welcome!!!  I decided that my first EVER blog post should be about the one thing I get the most questions about:

“What do I put in my smoothie everyday?”

I use the smoothie as a way to get good nutrition into my son and husband, to get a quick healthy breakfast into me as I run out the door to teach Zumba, and mostly to sneak KALE into our bodies. (The boys are not big fans of this superfood!)

I am going to be very product specific, I have tried a lot of things and these are my favorites.  Feel free to modify your choices, just remember to use organic and non-GMO choices. 🙂

20160107_082422See. Kale!!! Shhhhh, Don’t tell them 😉

First thing first. You need a good blender. A little 30.00 Oster blender will not stand up to the daily smoothie. It will get you going, but if you are going to make this a daily choice for your health you will need to invest in something that can handle it.

Personally I use a Ninja blender, I find the individual cups super handy. Here is a link: Nutri Ninja

Secondly, you will need a good protein powder. I LOVE Nutiva products. Specifically the Hemp protein high fiber blend.  It is dairy free which is a must for me.  Hemp is an amazing source of protein and tastes great in the smoothie. Hemp is a plant based protein full of essential amino acids and Omega 3 and 6.  It is also a sustainable, renewable, and an environmentally friendly plant. Here are your links:

Nutiva protein +fiber

Amazon Link Nutiva protein powder

With my protein powder I also add the Standard Process SP Complete, a vegan source of Whole Food Nutrition.  SP Complete contains rice protein, an extremely bio-available source of protein. It is a non-dairy source of amino acids. It supports healthy liver function and contains Flaxseed, grapeseed extracts, and cruciferous vegetables.

Here is a link to the Standard Process website for SP Complete, although this product must be ordered through a healthcare professional. (like me!)

SP Complete Dairy free

Now that the official business is out of the way, let’s make a smoothie!!


  1. Water and Chia Seeds
  2. Ice
  3. Greens
  4. Berries and banana
  5. Coconut Oil
  6. Raw honey
  7. Powders
  8. Top off with juice
  9. Blend
  10. Enjoy

Here are some in depth details of my favorite smoothie items~

20160107_082638Nutiva Coconut oil and Raw Honey

Nutiva Coconut Oil is Organic, Non-GMO, and does not harden to rock form when it’s cold.  Coconut Oil is a dense energy source, great for your brain, and helps curb your appetite.

Raw honey!! LOVE! Such a great way to sweeten up your smoothie plus it has 80 different substances important to human nutrition.  Raw honey contains vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, hormones, it is anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.

20160107_082622The Fruit of the smoothie.

I love to cut up my bananas ahead of time when they are perfectly ripe and freeze them all sliced up and ready to go.  I use a very large cup of blueberries. They are such a wonderful superfood.  I get the Costco organic berries, make sure you buy organic when you get blueberries, they are FULL of pesticides when they are not organic.  I also love the organic Anti-oxidant berry mix from Costco…just make sure you get some berries!!

Speaking of Costco.. it is a great place to get your greens.  Once you get that giant bag home dispense it into smaller ziplocks and freeze them in a gallon ziplock bag.  Keep the used, empty ziplocks in the freezer and refill them.  I can prep a months worth of greens into 3 gallon size ziplocks.

20160107_082850The Juice. Be Careful with this!

I do not use a lot of juice in my smoothie.  They add a lot of sugar to the mix.  I love this Santa Cruz organic mango blend.  Watch for added sugar. Make sure you get JUICE and not sugar water.  You can always make your own juice. 🙂

I love to juice. Juicing makes me super happy!  You can take lemons, oranges, limes…anything you want really, juice it and make ice cubes to drop into your smoothie later.  I take organic lemons, peel and all, blend them and make ice cubes for our smoothies.  So much nutrition in that peel and it’s a great way to get the benefits!

One last piece of advice. Soak your chia seeds for a bit before you blend.  I put the water and chia seeds in about 30 minutes before I make my smoothie. Chia seeds are amazing, full of calcium, fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Here is a link giving you 10 great reasons to eat these everyday.

10 Benifits of Chia Seeds

Enjoy your smoothies!!  I wish you a healthy and happy day!